Monday, December 29, 2008


It has been a while since I have posted on the progress of my socks.

First, I would like to blame LavA for sending me a box full of books. Besides random sparkly items tossed about the room nothing distracts me more than a book I have not read. So, I have not knitted on my socks since12/23/08 at 2:30pm until late Sunday afternoon maybe 3ish.

Tuesday was picking up the stitches for the two different patterns which proved to be rather difficult for me since I had a mind altering headache and in a clear and audible whine from me, my LYS owner grabbed my knitting from me and picked them up for me. Thanks Kelly.

I completed 8 rows of the patterns, then came home took a power nap and went to my part-time job.
Wednesday no knitting done worked from 4am until 6pm then went out for eats. Came home to find a box waiting for me.
Thursday, no knitting due to reading, Friday, no knitting due to reading, Saturday, no knitting due to reading. And there was plenty of tea drinking done as well. YUM!!!!!!!

Sunday, stopped reading and started knitting at 3:00pm. I am now in the middle of the second repeat of the main pattern and it looks rather splendid. The only part I am not keen on is making 5 stitches from one stitch. I feel all thumbs.

I am off to finish the second repeat and perhaps start the third, a small goal for me this week is to have a heal and/or half a foot in it by Sunday.

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