Monday, December 8, 2008

Hello Fellow KAL'ers!

I'm Rowena Bladvak, a Ravenclaw Third Year. I'll be knitting a pair of Charade socks, like Ella. Only mine are starting from scratch. These are a Christmas present for my best friend, Fleur Sweeting. They're imbibed with hidden meaning! First, the yarn is hand-dyed by Cosmic Fibers, in her "Ice Truck Killer" colorway, from her Dexter series of yarns. This is Fleur's and my favorite show, and Fleur's favorite color of all the colors in the Dexter series of yarns. Secondly, the pattern is very apropos, because (for those of you not familiar with the show) Dexter is a serial killer working in the Miami Police Homicide Dept., so his entire life is keeping up a giant Charade. I think it fits perfectly, and Fleur is going to get *quite* the kick out of it. I'm very excited to be knitting these socks for her, and can't wait to cast on. As a matter of fact, I'm off to do that very thing right now! Happy knitting!


Lavender A said...

Pretty colorway! I caught the first season of Dexter on CBS last year, so I love + appreciate all the symbolism :D

E. Madley said...

ooooh! too bad mine is just a sock that i wanted to knit. how nice of you to think up of all these things!