Monday, December 8, 2008

Sock W.I.P.s

Right now I have 3 pair of socks in progress. First is a Spiral Rib Cotton Sock with sock yarn that I received in HSKS4, my first swap. The second is a basic pair of socks made with my own hand-painted yarn. Both of these have 1 sock completed and the second sock has been cast on and started. I wold like to finish both of these as I have many other socks I would like to knit.

I also have a 3rd pair of socks, which is a zig-zag rib design. I've got a couple of inches done on the first sock. If I can make some progress on this as well it will be good. I'll post some pics this week showing what I have so far.

ETA: I'm also in the Men Who Knit Scarf Exchange. I'm making the Muffler from Men In Knits in a very yummy Alpaca/Wool blend. I'm almost half-way on that.

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Lavender A said...

Wow, sounds like you have a lot of knitting to do :) Do you have any progress photos, especially of the socks that need mates?