Friday, December 26, 2008


I finished knitting the 2nd orange sock. I still need to Kitchener the toe stitches and weaving in the cast on tail.

I cast off the Men Who Knit Scarf Swap scarf tonight. It is looking quite yummy and I am coveting it. Fortunately my swap partner is a great guy, so I'm sending it to someone I know will love it. I need to get a couple of extras to include with it. I'm thinking some sponge candy, which is a Western New York thing and really good. I may also add a skein of my hand-painted sock yarn.

I still have the 2nd cotton sock to work on. Which has been mostly ignored. The zig-zag sock I started will definitely be frogged. The pattern needs a solid yarn to show it off.

Pictures will be posted once both have been completely finished.

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isant said...

I like to swap too i am from france you can see my profil here

Have a nice day !!